NatureKast Products LLC makes every effort to ensure that its Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ Cabinetry & Storage products meet the high quality and durability standards that our customers want and need from their outdoor cabinetry. NatureKast warrants to the original purchaser of the cabinetry (the “Customer”) that our outdoor cabinetry will be free from defects in manufacturing, workmanship and materials, for as long as the Customer owns and resides in the home in which the cabinetry is installed, subject to the limitations listed below.

  1. This warranty only covers cabinetry orders submitted to NatureKast on or after March 10, 2015.
  2. Resin material will be warranted for five years from the delivery date to the dealer.
  3. This warranty registration form must be completely filled out and returned to Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ Cabinetry & Storage no later than 60 days after delivery of the cabinetry to the Customer.
  4. Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ Cabinetry & Storage must receive payment in full for the cabinetry to which this warranty relates, in order for this warranty to be valid and effective.
  5. The Customer must provide the original sales invoice and the original dated copy of this warranty before any warranty work will be commenced by NatureKast.
  6. This warranty is not transferrable. This warranty may be relied upon only by the original Customer.
  7. This warranty is for residential use only, no other warranty is applicable to this product.
  8. This limited warranty does not apply to damage or defects resulting from natural disasters, such as fire, floods, tornados, hurricanes, acts of war or terrorism, accident, defective or improper installation, improper transportation or delivery, improper storage prior to installation, improper handling, abuse or misuse, use of the cabinetry for purposes other than those specified in our care, use & installation literature, negligence of the deliverer, installer, purchaser or any party other than NatureKast, extremes of temperature and/or humidity, unreasonable wear and tear, animal related damage, vandalism, damage to the finish caused by use of inappropriate cleaning products or cleaning methods that are not specifically outlined in our care, use & installation literature, or failure to provide reasonable or necessary maintenance.
  9. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by modification of any cabinet component by the dealer, installer or homeowner. Example: This warranty does not cover cabinet modifications made for grills, or cut outs made on panels, doors, components etc. around building obstructions such as beams, columns etc.
  10. This warranty does not cover any damage that is caused by improperly installed appliances. PVC and Resin are considered combustable materials.
  11. This warranty does not cover the natural appearance and characteristics of the cabinetry related to the grain patterns, texture and color/glazing produced by its resin molds and/or hand applied finishes.
  12. This warranty will not cover any bleaching or warping of the PVC material (especially Black PVC) due to direct sunlight or high heat/extreme temperature exposure. All PVC must be 100% covered before, during and after installation. Before and during installation, plywood or opaque white plastic cover is acceptable. Final installation cover should include resin panels and/or countertops.
  13. This warranty will not cover any bleaching or warping of the Resin material due to direct sunlight or high heat/extreme temperature exposure and/or gravity. All resin components (especially those painted black on the back) have a tendency to warp if positioned vertically against a wall and/or other structure before and during installation. NatureKast recommends laying these components flat, finish side up before and during installation.
  14. Appearance of corrosion, salt/calcium build ups on hinges and drawer tracks is not covered as long as the mechanism is functional.
  15. Internal hardware accessories not manufactured by NatureKast such as (but not limited to) Lazy Susans, Drawer Tracks, Hinges, Waste bin mechanisms etc., and the fasteners (screws) used to install the hardware are not covered under this warranty; they are covered under their own manufacturer’s warranty. The individual manufacturers should be contacted should a warranty issue arise.
  16. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by the installation of any hardware supplied and installed by the dealer and/or the installer, homeowner, etc.
  17. NatureKast continuously refines and improves its products. We reserve the right to make changes in the product design, construction, materials and specifications without prior notice.
  18. This warranty does not cover the cost of installation, removal, re-installation or transportation costs.

In the event that a defect to which this warranty applies is determined to exist in these component parts, NatureKast will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective component. If it is necessary for the product to be forwarded to Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ Cabinetry & Storage, we shall notify the purchaser or dealer, and shipment to NatureKast will be at the purchaser’s expense. Once NatureKast receives the product, it will notify the purchaser of its decision regarding warranty coverage. NatureKast will return all products received, to the purchaser & cover the cost of the return shipment. NatureKast shall not be liable for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, damages and other losses associated with construction delays or otherwise, or any consequential damages or other losses suffered by the owner in relation to any such defect or NatureKast’s acting in relation to this warranty. No dealer or agent has the authority to alter or amend this warranty or NatureKast’s liability hereunder. No dealer or agent has the authority to perform any corrective work on any cabinetry or components, without expressed written consent from NatureKast. All claims must be made in writing to the dealer from whom you purchased the cabinetry. If the dealer is not available, then write to NatureKast at the address noted above.